Yang, Hao and Dong (Tung) Lineage

Below are a few pictures of some of the key people in the Dong family lineage.

Here is the founder of Yang style Taijiquan, Yang Lu Chan.

And Yang Lu Chan’s youngest son, Yang Chien Hou.

And Yang Chien Hou’s eldest son, Yang Shao Hou (Yang Chao Hsiung).

And Yang Chien Hou’s youngest son, Yang Cheng Fu (Yang Chao Chin).
And Yang Cheng Fu’s disciple, Tung Ying Chieh, who founded Dong style Taijiquan.
And Tung Ying Chieh’s oldest son, my teacher, Tung Hu Ling.
And Tung Ying Chieh’s third son, Dong Jun Ling.

And Tung Ying Chieh’s youngest daughter, Tung Mu Li (Jasmine Tung).

And Tung Hu Ling’s eldest son, Tung Kai Ying.

And Tung Hu Ling’s youngest son, my shirfu, Dong Zeng Chen.

And Dong Zeng Chen’s eldest son, Dong Da De (Alex Dong) and me.

Wu (Hao) Lineage

Wu Yu Hsiang, the founder of Wu style.

And his student, Li Yi Yu.
And his student, Hao Wei Zheng, for whom the Hao style is referenced.