Tung Hu Ling Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Tung Hu Ling.

The series below comes from the flyer that he used to advertise his classes in Honolulu. Of note, the push hands pictures show his son, Tung Kai Ying and another person (Andrew Lum perhaps?). The group practice sessions looks to me like it was shot in Hong Kong. I can’t tell who the teacher is standing on the far right side, but to me he looks a bit like Tung Ying Chieh.

Two locations are listed: a Chinese Buddhist Church at Kawananakoa Place near downtown Honolulu and (lined out) Koko Head Elementary School near Hawaii Kai on Oahu. By the time I was studying with him he had moved to his third and final location, in Nuuanu near the Chinese Buddhist Church.

He loved the sword.

At that time he held 2 hour long classes each on Wednesday night and Saturday morning. The routine was typically 1) a half hour to 45 minute Yang style slow set, 2) the “number two” or “fast” set (what Dong Zeng Chen called “Changing Energy Fist”, 3) the “number three” or Dong family fast set, then a break, then 4) the knife (dao), 5) the sword (jian), 6) the single stick, 7) the double stick, and finally 8) push hands and related arts. In other words, almost the entire curriculum. The only thing that was missing was the Hao set and the staff set. He was happy to answer any question, but most of his students were too shy to ask much.

Here is the overall flyer.

Here is the detail of Tung Hu Ling making a speech. I don’t know where or when. Maybe upon his arrival in Honolulu?

Demonstrating his art.

And showing his martial skill. . .  By the way, his recoil looks a lot like it did when he was demonstrating in Honolulu:  exceeding loose and relaxed after a moment of intensity.

Next are a series of pictures showing various moves from the Yang style slow set as taught by Yang Chen Fu. I don’t remember when or where they were shot, perhaps Hong Kong (?), but to me he looks to be about 40 years old (hard to tell, though).

First is “Separation of left foot (Zuo You Pen Jiao)”.

Then the move after “step up and punch downward (jin bu zai chui)” and at the beginning of “turn and chop opponent with fist (pie shen chui)”.
And finally “Single whip and Snake Creeps Down (dan bian xia shi)”.
Here is another shot of “Snake Creeps Down”. This was taken one Saturday in June of 1981 at the practice hall in Honolulu, Hawaii where I learned from him. On this day I brought my camera to class and asked him if he would allow me to take some pictures of him. He agreed, much to my delight. A few months later he injured his foot, which resulted in it being amputated. To my knowledge that photo session was his last. Thank you Shirfu and aloha!