Yang Cheng Fu and Dong Ying Jie Comparative Postures


Here are links to some pictures comparing the same posture of the Traditional Yang Style Slow Set between Yang Cheng Fu from his 1931 book Dong Ying Jie (Tung Ying Chieh) from his 1948 book.  Click on the name of the section to go to the comparative page.   Each section contains a lot of pictures so it may take a while (up to several minutes) for the section to appear on your screen.  Patience. . . it's worth it.

(Once you have the pictures on your screen you may click on the image to load a larger version.  Note that most of these pictures are from 250 to 300 MB large so, if you have a dial up Internet connection, they may take a while to load.)

Note that Dong Ying Jie's book is available from the Dong family.  This book contains many additional pictures.  I highly recommend it.  Click here to go to the Taiji Store to order the book.  Also, a videotape of Dong Ying Jie doing this slow set is available.

Section 1:  Preparatory Position to the first Cross Hands

Section 2:  First Cross Hands to the Second Cross Hands

Section 3:  Second Cross Hands to the end





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