Legendary founder, Chang San Feng,
 is inspired to create the Art of Taijiquan
as he watches a fight between a snake and a bird 

Yang Cheng Fu and Dong Ying Jie's Lineage
from Yang's book (I added the Pin Yin transliteration and English notes.)

(Note these are fairly large images - best viewed with a fast Internet Connection.)

Cover of Yang Cheng Fu's 1931 Book:

Pictures of Yang Jian Hou, Yang Cheng Fu, and Yang's Disciples:
      Dong's Picture:        

Yang's Lineage:

  With Dong Ying Jie's name:  

Dong Ying Jie's disciples listed:

Dong Family Members and Disciples

Below is a listing of Dong family members and disciples as of June 29, 2000, from a Dong Zeng Chen publication.  Note that the English names need clarification as follows:  Chipellis is Chip Ellis, Peter is Peter DeBlasio, and Dannia is Daniel Watson

Large files for high speed connections (best clarity):

Magazine front cover:  

Listing in Chinese:     

Listing in English:       

Smaller files for low speed connections (not as clear):

Magazine front cover:  

Listing in Chinese:       

Listing in English:        


Chip Ellis' Lineage

NEW  Chip is the disciple of Dong Zeng Chen.  To see pictures of his "Tu Di" initiation ceremony click here.

To see pictures of the people in the lineage below, click on the area where the mouse pointer changes to a "hand".

I have had the good fortune to begin my study of Taijiquan within the Dong school in 1974, and to carry on that school's tradition to this day.  I have also studied some other Chinese internal styles.  With the listing below I would like to acknowledge and thank my teachers.  They are listed in chronological order.  All of them taught me in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • T. Y Pang (Pang Tze Yau) (deceased) - Yang style Taijiquan (from the Dong school), Baguazhang and Hsingiquan 
  • Ross Mobley - Wu style Taijiquan (from the Wu Jian Chuan school) 
  • Tung Hu Ling (deceased) - Tung (Dong) and Yang style Taijiquan  
  • Donald Okazaki - Baguazhang
  • Dong Zeng Chen - Dong, Hao and Yang style Taijiquan
  • Zhang Xiu - Baguazhang
  • Wang Shangzhi - Yin Style Baguazhang
  • And all of my martial arts friends and students from whom I have learned so much!



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